Monday, August 22, 2016

ACTORS on Records In My LIfe

We had the chance to interview Jason Corbett of the Vancouver band ACTORS and asked him to reveal some of his favorite local Vancouver band albums.  We filmed this on a cloud-free day down by the water at Science World here in Vancouver, something very different for the usually studio bound Corbett!  Among his list were albums from War Baby, Red Vienna, the still to be released new album from Sex With Strangers, as well as Combine the Victorious' "Autonomous" album (the source of the the theme music for the RIML series!) After giving us details on the local albums he then revealed a top three from his personal collection, including a detailed story of buying The Clash's London Calling. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

RIML with July Talk

We had an interesting time filming this interview.  July Talk were opening for Red Hot Chili Pepppers at the Festival d'ete de Quebed this past July.  Because of a media blackout backstage, wherein no one was allowed within 100 meters of the RCHP we were carefully escorted around the backstage environment, and told to wait at the side of the stage until our interview time was at hand.  Then, mistakenly, our festival co-ordinator accidently led us through the Chili's change room in search of July' Talk's change room, wherein we were confronted by an angry road manager and told in no uncertain terms to leave, immediately.  Fortunately we then found the proper change rooms and met the highly excited Peter and Leah of July Talk who were happy to chat with us about the music that set them on their course as musicians. 

A crowd of 90 000 people gathered that evening for the show, and we could hear the building crowd gaining size and excitement in the background during our interview.  Still an hour and half away from the opening act's showtime, there were football chants and general crowd shouting happening so loudly that they cut into our lavalier mics, which you can hear during the interview.

Leah and Peter were visibly excited, as this was the biggest date July Talk had ever played but they still were grounded enough to give us some cool albums to listen to and went into detail about what turned them on. 

Thanks so much to July Talk, the wonderful people of Festival d'ete de Quebec, and the great people of Quebec City for such a fantastic time there.  Have a look!

Monday, August 1, 2016

RIML with Neil Finn!

We proudly present our interview with the one and only Neil Finn.  Such a charming man, with wonderful musical knowledge and gracious enough to give his insights on a few of his favorite albums.

Filmed backstage at the Bell Stage during the Festival d'ete de Quebec, on a rainy afternoon, while Duran Duran soundchecked in the background, this is was a great experience and a very good interview!

Can't thank Mr. Finn or the excellent staff of the FEQ for this opportunity.  Please have a look, it's a great episode.  Cheers!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Records In My Life at Festival d'été de Québec!

 Charles Brownstein and I flew to Quebec City last week to attend this year's Festival d'été de Québec, where we had the opportunity to interview none other than Neil Finn of Crowded House fame, as well as breaking artists such as July Talk, Solids, Men I Trust and We Are Wolves.  The entire feistval was incredible, well run, well curated, and just plain fun.  The love of music in the city is palpable, and the people who run FEQ are top notch.  We were treated like visiting royalty, and the beautiful backdrop of Quebec just made the entire adventure enjoyable.  Please have a look at this highlight reel from our trip and know that several of these pieces will be aired over the summer in their full length.  Merci FEQ2016!

Filmed in Quebec City between July 14th and July 17th 2016.
Records In My Life is produced and hosted by Charles Brownstein
Directed, edited and filmed by Mark Henning

Music Credits:
Push + Pull by July Talk
Strange Habit by July Talk
Blank Stare by Solids
Lauren by Men I Trust
Something So Strong by Crowded House
Wicked Games by We Are Wolves

Opening and closing theme music is "Best Tonight" by Combine the Victorious

Please watch for our upcoming episodes featuring the full interviews with Neil Finn, July Talk and Solids.  

Merci beaucoup to the wonderful staff and crew of Festival d'ete de Quebec!  We had a great time in your city and would love to come back for the 50th FEQ!

 Au'revoir!  Until next week!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Records In My Life: Japanese Breakfast

We met up with Michelle from Japanese Breakfast behind the Cobalt Cabaret, when she came through Vancouver on tour with Mitski.  She was an enthusiastic interviewee and had a lot of fun telling us about some of her favorite music.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Records In My Life: Tor MIller

We met with Tor Miller while he was on tour with Aurora in the spring.  He was a very confident young man, with some good stories and a solid perspective on his music and inspirations.  He cited a several classic albums in his interview, Ziggy Stardust from Bowie, Harvest from Neil Young and let us know that Bruce Springsteen isn't much of a driver!  I suspect he has a bright future: his album will be coming out in September.

This Tor Miller episode of Records In My Life referenced the following albums:
1. David Bowie - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
2. Queen - Greatest Hits I & II
3. Neil Young - Harvest
4. Tame Impala - Currents
5. Bruce Springsteen - Darkness on the Edge of Town

Records In My Life is produced and hosted by Charles Brownstein
Videography, direction, editing by Mark Henning
Animations and Logo by Susana Ramirez

Tor Miller on Records In My Life music credits:

This episode of Tor Miller on RIML features his song "Carter and Cash" from the forth coming album American English

Theme music is "Best Tonight" by Combine the Victorious from the "autonomous" album

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Records In My Life: White Lung

We had a very detailed and banter filled interview with Mish and Kenneth of the band White Lung the other week when they were in town as part of the Levitation Vancouver music festival.  Filmed just down the stairs from The Commodore Ballroom at the Bottleneck Bar, Mish and Kenneth discussed some of their favorite and most influential albums including one album they could agree upon as a mutual love: Wipers.  I enjoyed this interview, the White Lung members were real band mates with all the undercurrents of people who've toured and recorded together, plus they picked some great albums!

White Lung on Records In My Life references the following albums:
1. The Smiths - The Queen is Dead
2. Them - The Angry Young Them
3. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
4. Dinah Washington -  Back to the Blues
5.  Crystal Castles - II
6. Royal Trux -  Veterens of Disorder
7. Wipers - Over the Edge

Records In My Life is hosted and produced by Charles Brownstein for
Videography, direction, editing by Mark Henning
Animations and logo by Susana Ramirez

This White Lung episode of RIML features the song " Below" by White Lung from their album Paradise

Theme music is "Best Tonight" by Combine the Victorious off the "Autonomous" album.